Early detection saves lives! We make screening easy and accessible by bringing it to your location. You don't have to go out if you don't feel up to it!

Cancer screenings

Pap - smear , Breast Check , etc

Fasting blood sugar

Maintaining a healthy wealth and a healthy insulin level is key! We can come to take your samples from the comfort of your home!



Nigeria is one of the poorest nation in Africa ! Too many slums and stress to earn a living . Are you having symptoms of Malaria , we can come take your sample from the the comfort of your home and walk with you through your treatment continuum !

Semen analysis

Home Tests are available. However, we only test for sperm count. We don't analyze sperm mortality or shape. If you are concerned about your fertility, we can navigate you through our top-notch diagnostic center best for you.


We can come to take your swap from the comfort of your home for culture

DCISionRT Test

DCISionRT helps patients and their doctors formulate a more precise treatment plan to balance a patient treatment benefit with the risk of side effects by assessing the patient underlying DCIS biology.


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