Amorvard Foundation

Amorvard Foundation is registered with the corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria . Here at Amorvard , we know that , having numerous non governmental organisations is not one of the effective ways to address social problems , rather it is the springing forth of Non Governmental Organisations that have been able to streamline their area of focus and stayed on it through the service of professionals and have allowed proper structure, transparent budget/financial dealings, intelligent management/strategic sessions, people management and working with appropriate authorities to contribute their quota to the social reformation of the state and country at large. Amorvard Foundation is incorporated and has been in the humanitarian services for over half a decade

Information is drawn from our years of experience in managing non governmental organisations.

Patient Navigation Program

Health Education, Community Screenings, Prevention/Awareness Talk, Navigate patients through available community screening programs and walk with identified diagnosed patients right from the point of diagnosis through survivorship and life after treatment. Support Groups/ Focus Groups.

Windows of Opportunities (WOP Program)

 Is a skill acquisition program created with the specific intent of reaching out to individuals within reach diagnosed with cancer and having difficulty meeting their daily needs and keeping food on the table , individuals who have been abused, frustrated and traumatized by the challenges of the immediate home and the larger society. The program has sought to give second chances to young individuals who have been forced to deal with issues such as rape, domestic violence, enforced illiteracy, dehumanization and generally, a substandard existence. Windows of Opportunities provide these individuals the opportunities to learn handy skills such as bead making, Ankara production, footwear making and other skills as are available upon interest. These individuals are also given career talks, introduction to computer knowledge and generally empowered to lead better lives after the meeting.

Love A Child (LAC Project)

Is strategically created with the intent to show LOVE to children worldwide. We reach out to as many children as God will allow us to with no barrier of religion, skin color, geographical location, and family status or name, facing hardship, difficult health conditions such as a diagnosis of cancer by meeting their basic needs one at a time with the intent to put smiles on their faces.

Fun Activities 4The Elderly (FATE Project)

Is yet again another initiative of Amorvard with the intent to create fun time for our senior citizens. The aim is to help them feel young again and socialize with other older citizens. We believe age is a thing of the mind and regular exercise and social life can promote longevity, build the right mind set and help put smiles on their faces again.

The Internally Displaced People (IDP Project)

Seek to Give out relief materials to affected families by partnering with organizations who have a similar vision and by the Grace of God helping to provide basic day-to-day important needs that will help stabilize and enable them to be able to face the world out there amicably.

Smoking Cessation Classes

When you quit smoking, you can lengthen your life expectancy, decrease your risk of disease (including lung cancer, throat cancer, emphysema, heart disease, high blood pressure, ulcers and reflux, erectile and sexual dysfunction, kidney disease, and other conditions) To register for our smoking cessation classes and premium support group classes please kindly call our Patient Navigation Mobile to get more information on the registration process.