Hospital Affiliated Clinic

At Amorvard Breast Clinic, you’ll find a caring, multidisciplinary team of experts to help you with all breast-related concerns, including the most complex and rare forms of breast cancer.

Our team provides whole-person care that considers all of your needs in a supportive environment. 

Our multidisciplinary care brings together experts who work to determine the best course and sequence of therapy for your situation and the most effective options for diagnosis and treatment, including for complex and rare conditions.

Comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services are available at Amorvard Medical Services.

Amorvard multidisciplinary Team work with you to develop a care plan tailored to your needs. 

If you choose breast cancer surgery, Amorvard Clinic  surgeons are highly trained in innovative approaches.

Amorvard Clinic doctors and scientists conduct breast cancer clinical trials, including tests of experimental treatments that are unavailable elsewhere. Our clinic doctors from multiple specialties work together to determine the best treatment for each patient with breast cancer.

Our Care teams include oncology breast health and screening specialist including specialists in internal medicine, breast imaging, genetics, oncology, surgery , certified nurses, a social worker, an oncology Patient Navigator, physical therapists, a nutrition counselor, a genetic counselor, a psychologist, a lymphedema expert and a tobacco cessation counselor, as needed. 

You have access to services in cancer education, integrative medicine and health, and breast cancer supportive therapy and survivorship.

Here at Amorvard Breast Clinic, we keep your health information confidential and encourage you to discuss treatment plans with your primary care team. If you wish and with your permission, we can send your medical information to your primary care or referring doctor, if requested.

Our Breast Clinic services are coordinated by a breast cancer specialist/Breast Navigator who meets with you to understand your concerns and schedules appointments.

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