Network of Oncology Patient Navigation in West Africa



The Network of Oncology Patient Navigation in West Africa (NOPNWA) strives to bring together different types of navigators from various backgrounds from throughout West Africa to promote the role of patient navigation in cancer care and survivorship planning by providing a network for collaboration and development of best practices for the improvement of patient access to care and quality of life.



The vision of NOPNWA is to build a strong network of patient navigators in West Africa with the intention to serve oncology patients in the community with best practices in navigation and advance navigation practice.



Educate community providers and other community members in West Africa on the role and value of navigation
To hold quarterly meetings with educational opportunities and a forum to openly communicate among members to build a supportive navigator community
To promote/improve patient outcomes through navigation and develop a reporting process of those outcomes
To navigate cancer patients from diagnosis to survivorship by educating, empowering, and embracing each individual patient
Membership: NOPNWA will hold a minimum of four (4) meetings of the membership each year.

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