Amorvard Services is strategically positioned to provide a solution to the social work demands of Nigeria and beyond. As a Social Work Project Management Organization with many years of hands-on experience we are equipped with the skill, professionalism and management to drive and execute any social work endeavor.

Our Mission

Is to reach out, identify, embrace, educate, rehabilitate, mentor and empower poor communities, our elder citize, the girl child and the children with challenging domestic story through transformational life intervention programs and initiatives with the view to build a better society

Our Vision

Become a channel for delivering social reformation to acheive individual and community development.

Love a Child

Is strategically created with the intent to show LOVE to children worldwide. We reach out to as many children as God will allow us to…

Fun Activities 4The Elderly

IDP Project

The Internally Displaced People (IDP Project) Seek to Give out relief materials to affected families and by the Grace of God helping to provide basic day to day important needs that will help stabilize and enable them to be able to face the world out there amicably.

Testimonials from Participants

Amorvard is God’s helping hand to the female folks empowering them through skill acquisition. Am so honored to be a part of this vision, Am an ICT person and a business administrator by training. I was so happy at the windows of opportunities that I felt like not stopping the computer practical session, the young ladies were so eager to learn ! It was made possible by Amorvard, just can’t wait for the next one!

Micheal Olang
Micheal Olang

Coming in contact with Amorvard, was my first personal interaction and involvement with social work, beyond reading it up on the pages of the media. Of paramount note for me, is the passion, drive and commitment displayed by the founder, towards spreading social good and love to the less privileged, and empowering people who otherwise, would have been buried by the unfortunate hands they had been dealt with by life. In a world furiously galloping towards hatred and anarchy, Initiatives like Amorvard, are the few shining lights holding out against total darkness

Jide Odi (Gracechild)
Jide Odi (Gracechild) Brands/Marketing Communications

As a real estate broker i understand what my client wants when they say they need a Tastefully finished brand new apartment ! I will like to say Amorvard is tastfully furnished for development and execution of Corporate Social Responsibilty projects ! This is one community development organisation you can hand over your CSR projects to and go to bed because They Always Deliver ! Their track records is fantastic !

Ebeagbo Okoeka
Ebeagbo Okoeka

Amorvard is awesome really ! I cant say enough about how well it’s tailored to the needs of the Girl Child,Children lacking basic needs and our Senior Citizens in Nigeria. The manner and professionalism in which project is being executed is amazing and very much on point. I am so proud to be associated with an organization like AMORVARD expressing so much LOVE

Abiat Isiak
Abiat IsiakCatering Services

AMORVARD is an organization dedicated and committed to excellent human service with so much vigor and LOVE I see displayed by the team to the work, I see AMORVARD becoming one of the leading Non Governmental Organization in Nigeria and the world at large , reaching OUT and making impact in our communities. I once attended Amorvard Computer Training program and the experience is once in a lifetime experience, everyone was treated equally. I am excited and I am looking forward to the next invite for another program organized by Amorvard…

Bamidele Lekan
Bamidele LekanComputer Engineer